This page explains how to set up your own theme for our customer communication services

When integrating Invoice as a service, Paynova will communicate with your customer on your behalf via customized e-mail templates and the customer portal (MyPages). As a merchant you get to choose your desired colors/fonts and logotype which we then will use to set up your own theme.

Below you find our guidelines on how to get started with your theme.


In this guide we will use a set of example parameters to show in details how the parameters you provide us with will be used to create your theme.

The theme will be used for all our customer communication services.

Parameters available for customization:

The font you choose will be used as main font in both MyPages and the notifications.
If you do not choose any fonts, a standard font such as Arial/sans-serif will be used.

Body text color
Every text segment apart from the header is what we refer to as body text.
We suggest that you use a standard black color such as #000 for your body text.

Typically the first thing the user sees, we suggest that you use your main color for your headers.

Action button
Used when the customer wish to perform certain actions such as requesting a login link, converting a direct invoice to an installment etc.

The Action button includes:

  1. Main color
  2. Hover color

The color of the background area outside the MyPages content.

Selection hover
Used when the user is toggling over their invoices as shown under picture "Alla fakturor" on next page.

What’s Next

First, have a look at the MyPages section to find out more about our theming opportunities.