Before going live, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below is a checklist to help you verify that your integration is done correctly.


For installments only: A checkbox is shown in the checkout where the customer accepts the installments terms.

For installments and direct invoice: Links to the invoice terms and conditions and privacy policy are displayed in the checkout.

API Requests

Get addresses
If the customer address is displayed, consider masking the information.
If the address is Care Of, 2 lines in the address, both lines re sent in CreateOrder.

Get payment options
Correct payment options are shown with correct interest rate, notification fee and setup fee.
Correct payment options according to the chosen configuration. E.g., minimum amount and maximum amounts show/hide the different invoicing options.
Total monthly cost of installment payments with interest is calculated properly (can be verified with the PMT function in excel).
Legal documents are returned properly.

Create order
Customer is same as returned from GetAdresses.
Correct line item information is sent. E.g.:

  • Order number is less than 20 characters .
  • Tax percent must be an acceptable VAT rate.
  • Order name length is less than 50 characters for invoices.
  • Item description is less than 255 characters.
  • No VAT rounding lines are sent.

Authorize payment (Direct integration only)

Errors are returned according to expectations.
If GENERAL_DECLINE is returned without ErrorCode or ErrorMessage, the customer is not approved, and a text should be displayed to the customer to use a different payment method.

Initialize payment
Correct theme and language are shown for your hosted payment page.

Finalize authorization
VERY IMPORTANT: No products are delivered before FinalizeAuthorization is approved.

Get Authentication is not pulled more than every 3 seconds.
Cancel button cancels GetAuthentication requests.

Testing scenarios

1. Invoicing Flow

  • Finalized an invoice, with the correct amount, VAT, etc.
  • Removed and/or added line item.
  • Received a new notification and made sure amount and VAT in the new invoice are correct.
  • Refunded the order with success.
  • Verified the order in Merchant Services.

2. Profile Card Payment Flow

  • Finalized a card payment.
  • Saved the card with Profile Payment, if applicable.
  • Refunded partial amount.
  • Refunded total amount.
  • Card is saved, if applicable.