Update order

The update order service is used to update the order lines of an existing order.
This can be used both before and after a purchase has been activated. If the update increases the total order amount, we will run a credit check and sent out a new updated invoice to the customer.

Use case

A purchase is activated and the order has been shipped. The customer contacts your support center to change or add another item to the order.

Use case

You have authorized a purchase but wish to remove a line item before activating the purchase.


  • An order is created

Rest endpoint

PATCH /orders/{orderId}/transactions/{transactionId}/lineItems

API call

"PATCH" https://api.paynova.com/orders/order-123/transactions/201611201833163630/lineItems

  "operations": [
      "operationType": "RemoveLineItem",
      "lineItemId": "4"
      "operationType": "AddLineItem",
      "lineItemId": "4",
      "lineItem": {
        "id": "4",
        "articleNumber": "101400X",
        "name": "Product name",
        "description": "A very nice product",
        "quantity": 1,
        "unitMeasure": "st",
        "unitAmountExcludingTax": 143.20,
        "taxPercent": 25,
        "totalLineTaxAmount": 35.80,
        "totalLineAmount": 179.00