Credit Products

Step 1: Create order

The first step is to create an order within Paynova's system. Paynova will in turn respond with an identifier (guid) for the order.


For invoice purchases you are required to provide us with full order line information e.g a detailed order. See our Order page for more information about order types.

Step 2: Checkout

The next step is to create a checkout session within Paynova's system by using the initialize payment call. You will receive a URL in the response to which you will redirect the customers browser, or embed in an iframe if you wish. This is where the customer will complete their payment authorization. You will also receive a guid for the session.

When the customer has been redirected to the checkout, Paynova will process the payment and run credit checks if it's an invoice purchase. You will receive a "Payment" event hook with information whether the purchase has been approved or declined.
For more information about event hooks, see Event hook notifications.

Step 3: Activate purchase

Once an authorization has been completed by the customer in the checkout, you will need to call Finalize authorization to complete the purchase. Once the finalization has been made the purchase will be activated and Paynova will start the billing process.