Implement e-authentication


We currently support the following authentication providers:

  • BankID and Mobile BankID (Sweden)


Things you will need:

  • Agreement with Paynova
  • Customer evaluation form for BankID
  • Bank certificate for BankID
  • A way to display the e-authentication information in your checkout (if you are using a direct integration)

In order to get started the first thing you will need is an agreement with Paynova for BankID processing. Please contact Merchant Support for information on how to get started with the agreement.

Paynova will then request a bank certificate (FP-certifikat) which is required for using BankID in a production environment. Once we receive the certificate we will deploy it to our production environment and collect any additional informational needed for the BankID customer evaluation form. Then when you are ready to go live with BankID will enable it in your production environment.


What is the customer evaluation form for BankID?

BankID certificates require additional information about you as a merchant such as company name, organization number, turnover, number of employees, etc. in a separate document retrieved from the bank.

User display

If you have integrated Paynova via direct integration, you will need to display the authentication information directly in your checkout. Paynova only provides status updates for the authentication session and it is up to the merchant to display this information to the user.

Our API will return general status codes in the Get authentication Session Status response. Based on these status codes you can display an appropriate text to the user in your checkout.

It is your choice what messages you want to display to the user, however, we recommend that you use the following translations which are taken from the official BankID Guidelines.

See the BankID Relying Party Guidelines document for more variations.

Swedish textEnglish textPaynova's response
Söker efter BankID, det kan ta en liten stund…Searching for BankID's, it may take a little while…Initiated
Skriv in din säkerhetskod i BankID appen och välj Legitimera eller Skriv under.Enter your security code in the BankID app and select Identify or Sign.Ongoing
BankID-appen verkar inte finnas i din dator eller telefon. Installera den och hämta ett BankID hos din internetbank. Installera appen från BankID app couldn’t be found on your computer or mobile device. Please install it and order a BankID from your internet bank. Install the app from
BankID-appen svarar inte.
Kontrollera att den är startad och att du har internetanslutning. Om du
inte har något giltigt BankID kan du hämta ett hos din Bank. Försök sedan igen.
The BankID app is not responding. Please check that the program is started and that you have internet access. If you don’t have a valid BankID you can get one from your
bank. Try again.
Åtgärden avbruten. Försök igen.Action cancelled. Please try again.Cancelled

*Completed means that the authentication sessions has completed successfully. This means that the payment process can be continued and no specific message needs to be shown.