Event hook notifications

Paynova uses webhooks to deliver event hook notifications. The webhooks are intended as a way for merchants to receive information about actions that take place in Paynova's system.

When an event in Paynova's system triggers a webhook (e.g., a profile payment card is added), Paynova will attempt to send this notification to the endpoint that you have specified.

Paynova attempts to send the notification 3 times at 5 second intervals and logs the request/response. The following conditions must be met for Paynova to consider the notification successful:

  • Your endpoint must respond within 30 seconds
  • The HTTP status code must be 200 OK or 204 NO CONTENT
  • Your endpoint must be reachable on port 80 or 443 in (for the live production environment)
  • In the test environment, we allow port 80, 443, 30080, or 30443 (i.e. we allow for port forwarding during the integration phase)
Production: 80, 443
Test: 80, 443, 30080, 30443

What’s Next

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