Saving a card in a profile

Paynova is PCI DSS certified and can securely store and manage customer profiles and saved card details for you. Customer profiles and saved cards can be managed with the Paynova SDK's or the API services.

A saved profile card can be used in payments by providing the profile and card id when initializing a payment. Depending on the payment channel and your acquiring agreement, the card CVC (three or four digit security code) may still be required.

Get customer profile
Retrieves the card details but for security reasons the information returned is reduced to:

  • The four-digit expiration year of the card.
  • The two-digit expiration month of the card.
  • The first six digits of the card number (BIN/IIN)
  • The last four digits of the card number.

Saving a Card in a Profile

1. Create Order

The first step in using Paynova’s services is to create an order. This is an API call which sets up the basis for an order in Paynova’s system, upon which various actions can be performed afterwards.

2. Initialize Payment

The second step is to call InitializePayment. This is a method which sets up the parameters for display of Paynova’s hosted checkout.

If you are upgrading from Paynova’s “MPI” interface, the combination of steps #1 and #2 are the equivalent of the MPI’s “InitializePayment” method.

In this request, the profilePaymentOptions field must be specified, including the “profileId” which is your unique identifier for the profile you would like to save the card under (typically your unique id for the customer).

3. POST-Redirect

After a payment has been completed using Paynova’s hosted payment page, the user will be POST-redirected one of a success, failed or pending page, as specified in the call to initializePayment, including information about the payment(s). The redirect URLs can be set to a localhost URL to allow for desktop applications embedding the payment page to collect this information.

4. Callback Handling

Paynova can send callbacks (”Event Hook Notifications”) for different events during the payment process. Important events for profile payments are CUSTOMER_PROFILE_CARD_ADDED and CUSTOMER_PROFILE_CARD_REMOVED, which is where you will receive the profile card id’s (tokens) which refer to the actual card. The PAYMENT notification also provides more detailed information regarding the payment.